In order to meet the challenges of a changing economic landscape, and continue to provide value for our customers, the PTW group of companies has decided to close the Pyramid Process Fabricators Nisku fabrication facility.

Our commitment to you, our valued customers, remains our focus. All contractual warranty obligations will be honored by Pyramid Corporation and Pyramid will continue to maintain Flare Stacks through its Nisku branch. Going forward, the E-House, pump building and ASME process related equipment offerings will continue to be contractually held and project managed by Pyramid and will be executed at our Warwick facility in Calgary, Alberta or through 3rd party vendors in Nisku or Calgary depending on client preference. Electrical integration will continue to be performed by Pyramid Corporation.

Thank you for your business and continued support. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with your questions or service.


Rod Berry, Manager

Phone: 780-955-2988

Pyramid Corporation offers Electrical Modular
Buildings to be managed out of our Nisku, AB office.

Pyramid Corporation offers Flare Stack Servicing
and Maintenance out of our Nisku, AB office.