Invested in Success

We are a top manufacturer and fabricator of process related products across North America. This is no simple statement; it requires a capacity and capability to support the challenges of supporting the oil and gas industry. Pyramid Process Fabricators provides a broad range of products backed by service and maintenance support.

With two manufacturing facilities and complete team from design, engineering and drafting, we can support projects of any size. For custom products and packages, we can help discover and fabricate solutions specific for each customer.

Being able to provide a robust assortment of products and a custom capable shop makes us uniquely flexible. Having the manpower and leading technology means we can tackle any size project and still meet vital timelines. We have a reputation of having leading production capability while still delivering to the highest standards of quality.


With our own facilities and specialists in quality control, we deliver exceptional quality throughout our work. We have tighter controls on our environment; this means we have access to more resources, highly experienced individuals and the best possible equipment.

The packages we build on our sites exceed all required safety and quality standards. This is critical to us and to our clients who use our fabricated products in vital aspects of their business. Everything has to work, last and perform safely, and we are committed to achieving the highest quality in everything we do.

Never Sacrificing Safety

Whether we are constructing on our sites, or providing service at our customers, Pyramid Process Fabricators is a dedicated safety performer. Following the ‘Target Zero’ initiative laid down by Pyramid Corporation, we have implemented stringent safety standards.

Learn more about what safety means to us.

Focused on Great People

We know that the amazing growth we have experienced is a result of the hard work our teams have put into the Pyramid group. Being able to offer such a broach range of services backed by exceptional talent means a lot to our customers, and we are always looking for great people to join our team.