Large Project Capable

Pyramid Process Fabricators boasts a 4,200 sq ft blasting bay that houses the latest in technology. Large enough to house multiple blasters, we can move through projects quickly; and with a 45 ton shop crane, no project is too large.

Environmentally Friendly

We are committed to technologies that produce high quality results while protecting the environment. Garnet is one of the blasting materials we prefer at our facility because of how it leaves no impact when disposed of. We even have a recovery system that recycles the blast medium, air washes it and re-usus it.

Some features of our blasting environment

  • The system is capable of accommodating any type of blasting medium with the exception of sand.
  • We are currently utilizing Garnet as the blasting medium in our facility. Spent Garnet can be disposed of at a landfill site with no environmental impact
  • The blasting bay is ventilated through a dust collection system that is capable of 96,000 cfm
  • The blasting system may accommodate 2 blasters simultaneously with expansion of up to 4 blasters
  • Access doors with a maximum open width of 26 feet are located at each end of the bay
  • Crane rails extend through the entire length of the bay
  • Lifting capacity of 45 tons with shop cranes
  • Experienced blasters provide a blast profile on the metal as recommended by the paint or coating specifications.