Pyramid Process Fabricators has an extensive history of providing flare equipment and ignition systems for the oil and gas industry throughout Western Canada. With over 1,000 systems currently in use, our flare systems division has the experience and expertise required to design and fabricate a system that will suit any application and function in adverse weather conditions.

Leading Capabilities

With two manufacturing facilities that offer over 140,000 sq ft of indoor capacity and 35 acres of outdoor space, we can tackle immense projects with fast turn around. With our own estimating, engineering, design, drafting and manufacturing teams, we have all the key pieces needed to offer a true one stop operation. We even have  Flare System Specialists available to provide system installations, serve as an on site consultant, and maintain the system after installation.

Diverse Products

Flexible designs include freestanding, guy supported, and tower supported flare stacks. Air assisted stacks, clean burning incinerators, knock out drums, and skid packages are also available as standard packages. All products can be customized to suit your requirements and applications, and we will help design custom systems if needed.

Below are the various standard options offered

  • Free standing, guy supported, tower supported and air assisted flare stacks including:
    • Ignition Systems
    • Pilot system including manifold, piping, and option between standard pilot burner and flame ladder burner
    • Flame Out Alarm/ Thermocouple
    • UV flame monitoring system
    • Trolley or pivotal lowering devices
    • Maintenance ladders and platforms
    • Retractable or fixed aircraft warning lights CSA approved
    • Molecular and air velocity seals (purge seals)
    • Flame arrestors
    • Wind Shrouds
    • NACE certified painters/coaters; Paint to any specification, including D.O.T. paint schemes
    • Sweet or sour gas service compatible
  • High efficiency incinerators
  • Flare tank ignition systems
  • Knock out drums
  • Custom skid packages

UV Flame Monitoring System

  • Provides continuous burner surveillance indicating the presence or absence of a flame at the flare stack tip
  • Two independent sets of dry contacts are standard; one giving immediate response to a “flame loss” and the other giving an adjustable time- delayed response
  • Simple, quick and inexpensive installation
  • Continuous, maintenance free operation

Ignition System

  • System operating voltages available are 480V, 240V, 120VAC, 12/24VDC, and 12VDC solar
  • Compact control panel with components packaged in a NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Power on/off and system test buttons on all control panels
  • Control panel mounted alarm lights available
  • Ignition system control panels CSA approved to the applicable standards
  • Completely solid state and fully automatic
  • Alarm outputs for PLC control
  • Flame out alarms through the use of a thermocouple or UV detection
  • System electrically timed to fire the electrode for 3 seconds every minute
  • Shot tube ignition system
  • Newly designed and reliable ignition electrodes

Ignition System (Solar Powered)

  • Compact control panel and gel cell battery packaged in NEMA 4 lockable enclosures
  • A single, 12 VDC solar panel maintains a fully charged gel cell battery for the control system. Charge control install to prevent battery overcharge
  • Maximum system operation efficiency guaranteed with the solar panel charging the battery with as little as 10 % daylight
  • Battery power reserve able to provide approximately 2 weeks of system operation under normal use
  • Ideal for locations where utility power is unavailable, unreliable, or too costly
  • Complete system virtually maintenance free
  • Specifically designed to reduce environmental impact

Standard Pilot Burner

  • Windproof pilot burner constructed from TP-316L stainless steel material to resist high temperature and corrosive environment
  • Extremely efficient
  • Simple, quick and inexpensive installation
  • ¾” NPT connection

Flame Ladder Pilot Burner

  • Ideal for plant application where high levels of CO2 or acid gas concentration may be present or where extremely harsh environments dictate equipment condition and operation.
  • Design incorporates the use of an enclosed electrode that ignites a flame ladder arrangement
  • Blowout proof and will ignite in virtually any condition.

Flame Out Alarm System

  • Continuous pilot monitoring incorporates thermocouple in flame out situation
  • Dry alarm contact provided for optional connection to PLC
  • Visual alarm included within control panel
  • Retractable or fixed option available

Trolley Lowering Device

  • Enables all system components to be accessible from ground level
  • System component lowering device for flare stacks over 70 feet (21 meters)
  • All ignition system components are mounted to the retractable lowering arm that runs vertically in an enclosed track system
  • No loose cables, wires, or heavy weights to raise
  • A 1,500-pound winch with built in brake system allows the lowering device to be operated safely by one individual
  • Fully enclosed track/cable arrangement ensures system operation and reliability under virtually any condition
  • Trolley track brackets are utilized to compensate for any stack expansion/contraction without affecting the operation of either trolley or ignition system

Pivotal Lowering Device

  • Enables all system components to be accessible from ground level
  • System component lowering device for flare stacks up to 70 feet (21 meters)
  • All ignition system components are mounted to the top of the pivotal lowering device. The lowering device is mounted directly to the flare stack
  • Lowering device is supplied complete with (3) clamp-on or weld-on brackets to suit any stack diameter
  • Top guide bracket deflects the ignition electrode into position every time

Molecular and Air Velocity Seals

  • Seals eliminate the possibility of air entrainment into the stack due to low flare gas flow.
  • Installed near the stack tip that helps reduce the amount of purge gas necessary to maintain a safe condition in the flare system
  • Stainless steel construction for air velocity seals and carbon steel construction for molecular seals.

Flame Arrestors

  • Available in 2” to 12” sizes and can be installed diagonally, vertically, or horizontally
  • Carbon steel housing with stainless steel element
  • Flame cell are removable for cleaning


  • A device that assists in eliminating wind shear and dilution of flare gas at the tip, thus maintaining the stoichiometric mixture for high combustion efficiency and reliable ignition
  • Ignition electrode extends through the wall of the shroud into the air/gas mixture
  • Aids flare gas ignition and minimizes costly downward burning
  • Pipe, rolled, or step broke shrouds are available
  • Shrouds reduce flame outs and aid in ignition by protecting stack gases and flame from winds
  • Shrouds are sized according to stack diameter to ensure maximum air is available. A wide range of materials from carbon steel to virtually any grade of stainless steel can be utilized
  • For use on most installations