Our Approach

Pyramid Process Fabricators has a clear approach to Module Fabrication and Assembly. Keep it simple and deliver a more cost effective product to the client. To support this philosophy, we utilize cellular manufacturing in the fabrication shop and strive to implement “lean concepts” wherever possible. Our management strives for continuous improvement in all areas with a strong focus on leaning our processes and procedures in order to bring greater value to the client.


The Advantage

Pyramid Process Fabricators can offer the following advantages many other fabricators are unable to provide:

  • A continuous improvement program
  • Cellular manufacturing and “lean concepts”
  • 29‐Acre property with integrated facilities
  • 10.2‐Acre Module Yard
  • 1.9‐Acres for Material Marshalling
  • Warehousing and Storage of Material
  • Pressure Vessel Fabrication in‐house (U‐Stamp)
  • Structural Fabrication in‐house
  • Piping Fabrication in‐house
  • Pipe supports, guides, and anchors fabricated inhouse
  • Modern Blasting, Painting, and Coating in‐house
  • Procurement in‐house
  • E/I, Heat Tracing, Panel Fabrication in‐house
  • Existing relationships for Building Enclosures, Insulation, NDT